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Trinity Bible Fellowship, Bremerton

Services & Location

  Dr. Phil Fernandes is the Senior Pastor of Trinity Bible Fellowship and the founder and president of the Institute of Biblical Defense, an apologetics ministry which trains Christians in the defense of the Christian Faith. 

  He also teaches Bible, Philosophy, and World Religions at Cross Point Academy. All three ministries are located in Bremerton, Washington.

  Dr. Fernandes has earned Doctorate degrees in Philosophy of Religion and Theological Studies. He has studied Apologetics under leading Apologists Gary Habermas and Norman Geisler, and has publicly debated some of America's leading atheists.

  Dr. Fernandes resides in Bremerton, Washington with his lovely wife Cathy. They have two grown daughters and three grandsons.


Pastor John McCarthy, is the Assistant Pastor, Ministries Coordinator, and the Husband of Kim and father of Chris & Katy.

Pastor Patt Fisk, is one of the associate Pastors, he is the audio-video specialist, online ministry coordinator, evening service coordinator and Husband of Aquila and father of Chloe' , Jessica plus 5 Grand Daughters.

Pastor Willis Henry, is one of the associate Pastors, and the       

coordinator of the TBF Care Ministry. He is the Husband of Dee and the father of Yordon, Elizabeth and Yeshua.

Pastor Mitchell Pappas is an associate pastor at Trinity Bible Fellowship.  He and his wife serve on the worship team, and are co-founders and leaders of T.A.L.C. Ministries.